Rooms – Great Harwood Branch

Babies (3 months up to 2 years)

Supporting your child from an early age, we can give the right guidance to ensuring your baby remains fit and well. Our environment with a dedicated staff to child ratio of 1:3 ensures your baby remains safe at all times. At our Early Bairds in Great Harwood, The Baby Room provides a high standard of care for a maximum of just nine babies, which allows us to create a very personal and close relationship with both baby and parent. In the main room babies learn to use their five senses, to develop co-ordination and to explore their new world and abilities. Above all, a high ratio of qualified staff gives the individual attention, cuddles, reassurance, presence and continuity your baby needs to feel safe and secure.

Communication is key. We ensure we give feedback to parents on a daily basis by face to face contact and personal daily diaries which provides information such as sleep times, nappy changes, what they have eaten throughout the day and activities they have enjoyed taking part in. Babies attend a local sensory room once a week. Early Bairds nursery provides your baby with wipes and food throughout the day.

Toddlers (children aged 2 to 3 years )

Our Great Harwood location’s Toddler Room is spacious and exciting - perfect for finding our feet and our voices! we're all learning to become little explorers and love playing with lots of messy things that may be too messy at home!

The best way to learn about our room is to come and visit us! You can even share some of our toys.

We encourage toddlers to continue learning about themselves, their environment and the world we live in by providing a full range of resources to support our monthly themes and activities based on their interests from their observations. Within the Toddler Room the children enjoy a variety of activities ranging from paint, sand and water; having fun with other children solving construction problems with building blocks; dance, sing and play with musical instruments. We encourage toddlers to become independent through self-serving lunch and choosing their own snacks.

Pre-school (children aged 3 to 5 years)

Our Pre-school Rooms are equipped with toys designed to stimulate and support the key Areas of Learning of the EYFS. your child will be preparing for Primary School. One of the main achievements will be to encourage and your child's independence and for them to reach their milestones of learning and development.

We have a drama class once a week

Kitchen and mealtimes

Both Early Bairds nurseries have fully-equipped kitchens, inspected by Environmental Health Officers and staffed by a Cook. We cater for a range of dietary requirements, with nutritious meals per day for children who are ready for solid food. 5* hygiene rating.