Billington Branch

Since opening the first Early Bairds branch back at the start of 2013, we’ve continued to hone our aptitude in the areas of childcare and education, working with parents and carers to ensure every child through our doors has a positive and constructive experience. Recently, it became clear that we had an opportunity to apply this philosophy to a new branch, allowing us to serve more parents and more children, while promoting our core values of care and inclusivity.

The result is our Billington, Clitheroe branch – located in the Ribble Valley. Capable of catering for up to 60 children, it’s everything you expect from Early Bairds, and has already been met with rave reviews from parents and the children themselves. If you’re searching for a childcare and early education provider which never ceases to strive for excellence, you’ve found one in Early Bairds.

See below for our address and contact details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Early Bairds Nursery Billington
Whalley Rd

Contact Number: 01200 871147